THE CULTURE TRIP Epic 'Game of Thrones' Airbnb Found in Dubrovnik

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Olja Ljubišić
Photographer(s): Ivona Butjer
Luke Abrahams finds the best Airbnbs in Europe for 'Game of Thrones' Fans. 

The Culture Trip publishes Luke Abraham's article on accommodation around Europe that has 'Game of Thrones' appeal.

'We're four episodes into Game of Thrones and we're literally all on the edge of our seats, so it's only natural we bring you some knock out Airbnbs to stay in and feel like you're living the Westeros dream. Thanks to some real awesome hosts across the globe, die-hard GoT fans can now live out their own fantasies in oodles of stunning castles and villas the world over. While none quite pull off the grandiose scale of King’s Landing, Winterfell, Meereen or Qarth, here’s just a few Airbnbs that are about as close as you can get to A Song of Ice and Fire. And remember, Winter is Coming, so get in fast before the White Walkers do,' Abrahams reports.

First out of eight destinations is Dubrovnik.

'Oh, hello King’s Landing. Yes, Dubrovnik is indeed where the cast and crew of the HBO series descended to film all the pretty exterior shots you’re currently watching in season seven. Fit for a king (or queen), this gorgeous little villa overlooks Old Town Dubrovnik (real view above) and its glittering coastline. And according to the ad, the two-bedroom loveshack showcases some rather spectacular 18th-century old-school architecture, too, ' Abrahams explains his choice and adds 'In the same city, you’ll also find this Dornish-looking beauty. Up to 12 people can squeeze inside this mini palace’s five suites, and it’s also only a few minutes walk from the city’s star attraction: the Old Town. Whether you’re the Hand of the King or one of Oberyn Martell’s mistresses (we wish), this stonkingly fab bourgeois villa encapsulates the magic of this incredibly historic European wonder'.

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