STUNNING BEAUTY Dubrovnik on the list between the wonderful places of the world

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): Screenshot Instagram
A very respectable website, thewonderfulplaces.com, which is tracked by over 10 million people on its Instagram page, usually publishes the most beautiful, most exotic and most attractive world destinations.

Last night, between all other beauties published on the Instagram page 'Wonderful Places', there appeared the City of Dubrovnik, or to be more specific, there appeared a photo which had shown Porporela and the old City's harbor. As the name of the webpage 'The wonderful places' actually explains the content you can find there, you know that you can expect the most beautiful destinations and places if you decide to visit it. 

The fact that Dubrovnik has appeared on the list, as one of the most recognizable Croatian brands, is another between many already received confirmations that it fits perfectly between the most beautiful places of the world.

Long and rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauties are really breathtaking and if you ask anyone who has ever been there will confirm that fact. To conclude, Dubrovnik really deserves this kind of tribute and respect as it reflects everything you need to feel stunned and impressed but at the same time comfortable and safe.

During the first 20 minutes after the post was published, it gained 745 likes and 187 comments and after 13 hours it gained more than 137 thousand likes and about 1282 comments.

In many comments, the most similar were the ones that expressed impression when it comes to the beauty of the City. Some of the people who commented said that they would put Dubrovnik on their list of the places they planned to visit. Others tagged their friends in the comments below the post so that they could see it. The series of those comments was becoming more and more prolonged, they were written in many world languages. Finally, one thing is really certain. Everyone is fascinated by Dubrovnik, the City which has been protected by St. Blais for ages.