UNUSUAL TRAFFIC ACCIDENT Wild Boar Wondered on the Street of Dubrovnik Causing Panic

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): Marko Mrkonjić/PIXSELL
Last night a wild boar hopped in front of a car in Ivo Vojnović Street, scared the driver and continued in unknown direction. 

Around 23:35 yesterday, in Ivo Vojnović Street a woman bumped into wild boar while driving her car.

A wild boar ran through the backyard of a house at Vojnović Street and went towards Magellan restaurant where he scared the employees.

The event was witnessed by photographer Michel Sevelo who was first to publish the news on social networks.

The wild boar ran in unknown direction.

In the mountain area around Dubrovnik wild boars are very common, but they rarely come all the way down to the town.

It is unconfirmed where the wild boar went and if there are others nearby. 

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