TRAGEDY IN DUBROVNIK WATERS Search for Missing Persons Continues

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić
Devastating sea tragedy occurred on Tuesday, 25 April at 9.20pm when Harbourmaster's boat ‘Dance’ and inflatable speedboat collided near the Island of Sipan. Two persons were found dead, two were injured and five were lost at sea. After six days of extensive search, two bodies were found and three are still missing. 

The small speedboat carried co-owner of Bowa restaurant Alen Perisic (45) and eight employees Jela Kobas (58), Daniel Kobas (39), Berislav Bandur (55), Marina Vuletic (23), Tomislav Belak (27), Bojan Stoiljkovic (37), Velimir Setka and Viktor Markota who were preparing for new upcoming tourist season.

They were returning from the Island of Sipan in the evening when the boat ‘Dance’ that was engaged in emergency medical transport to the Island of Mljet hit them. According to the coastguard, the speedboat wasn’t equipped with safety equipment and lights. Survivors witnessed that passengers (out of which one non-swimmer) were trying to hide from strong wind and waves by keeping low as much as possible.  

Croatian Coast Guard immediately initiated the rescue. Velimir Setka and Viktor Markota were injured but are out of life danger. The bodies of Alen Perisic, Jele Kobas were found.

Meritime search for missing passengers continued on Friday, 26 April during early morning with assistance of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. Two submarines, several boats, ferry Hanibal Lucic, helicopters as well as five civil boats including fishing boats were engaged in search during stormy weather.

The body of Berislav Bandur was found as well as of another person whose identity has not yet been confirmed.

City of Dubrovnik declared Friday, 28 May 2017 the Day of Mourning.  

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