A VERY EASY WAY TO EARN MONEY Accommodation prices in Ukraine reach thousand euros per night during the finals of the Champions League

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This is the Ukranian school for renting apartments.

Finals of the Champions League are going to take place 26th of May this year and will be playing Real vs. Liverpool. We've checked a little bit some of the Internet websites which offer accommodation for rent and we certainly noticed that the prices have increased tremendously high, as more than ten thousands of fans and supporters of these two clubs are expected to come there.

On the website called Airbnb, the price for a single person from 25th till 27th of May goes from 172 euros for one bedroom till 3600 euros for a luxurious apartment. Many of apartments haven't been previously rated by guests, so that leads to the conclusion that the landlords usually don't rent them. Even these apartments cost from 400 to 600 euros per night.

One of the landlords rents his apartment to five people and it costs 1000 euros per night, and as he obviously wanted everything to be permeated with football, he even purchased a table soccer which he photographed and pointed up on the cover of his advertisement. It is very visible in the picture that the flat is a wreck, but this fact did not interrupt the owner to put the price a thousand euros per night.

One owner rents his tiny apartment without any visible picture in the advertisement, a single bedroom, for 1700 euros per night. He highlighted a fact that the flat is at the right location and distanced only 15 minutes, if you walk on foot, from the stadium where the final of the Champions League is going to take place. This fact obviously was the reason enough to put this astronomically high price.

We have already mentioned the price of 172 euros for one bedroom and now we would like to add that it was the only one we were able to find that cheap. Other rooms go from 300 to 500 euros per night and they include only one, old and stale bed.

There is no longer a lot of rooms available to book as the fans are very interesting and go for it. The prices may increase even more till the beginning of the match.

If you look at the website Booking.com you may notice even higher prices. For already mentioned time period, it is impossible to find accommodation on Booking.com which costs under one thousand euros per night. The craziest thing is that even on that website are not many rooms and apartments left to book, much less compared to the website 'Airbnb'.

Some people will give comments on this situation the way that they will laud and support this what Ukrainians did. They will say that nobody is forced to do anything, also when it comes to traveling and booking, it is all about individual and free decision. Others will say that it is all about how people are greedy as they are ready to offer a storeroom with a wrecked bed.

No matter what we all may think about all of this, there is one thing which is really certain- the apartments in Kijevo at the end of this year's May are going to be full of football fans and team supporters, or said more precisely, classic consumers of consumer society.

Author: Dubrovacki dnevnik

Translated by: Ellie Leoni