THE WORLD CUP Dinamo Zagreb is the third team which developed the most players

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The World Cup being less than a week away means it really should be time we put to bed the love of our club for a few weeks and concentrate instead on our country. But one last club thought, who's developed the most players heading to Russia?

All year, every year, football is one big tribal argument about who supports the best team and whose players are better that whose as everyone locks horns with their friends, colleagues and random people on the internet, reported sportbible.com

The World Cup is a time to put that all to bed, enjoy the feast of football that's about to be served up and get behind whichever country you happen to be born in, or the teams in England's group if you're Scottish.

Sure they'll be transfers going on in the background to distract you but right now it doesn't matter if Harry Kane plays for Spurs or your local Sunday league team, it's time to embrace him.

But just for laughs let's take a look at which teams developed the most players at the World Cup, as in they signed their first senior contract with that club, according to Bet Victor- who tracked the stories of all the players at the World Cup.

Sporting Lisbon- 12 players

Deportivo Saprissa- 11

Dinamo Zagreb- 9

Barcelona- 8

Defensor Sporting- 7

Al Ahly- 7

Manchester United- 6

Stuttgart- 6

Lyon- 5

Benfica- 5

It's interesting to see Costa Rican side Deportivo Saprissa and Uruguayan side Defensor Sporting producing so many of the players for their country.

It makes sense that a country with a weaker domestic league would potentially have more players developed from one side if they were so far ahead of the others.

Stuttgart supplying so many of the Germany squad might also be a bit of a surprise but they probably all end up at Bayern Munich eventually anyway.

16 current Manchester City players will be in Russia with Real Madrid's 15 the second most. Only Barcelona, with 14 current players, and Manchester United, with 11 make both lists.

Right enough of club rivalries, back to supporting your nation.