MAGNIFICENT CROATIA Perfectly orchestrated team won the match against Argentina 3-0

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): Pixabay.com
A perfectly orchestrated Croatian side netted thrice to see off a below-par Argentina in a Group D match at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium after a spectacular first-half that remained goalless.

Croatia did not let go of the ball after the break as they kept building pressure on their opposition with multiple attacks. Unlike the first-half, Argentina did not get many chances to convert but Croatia, on the other hand, converted their chances, that too in style, reported sports.ndtv.com Ante Rebic gave his team the lead in the 53rd minute after which the match sped up with Argentina trying to equalize desperately. However, a glimpse of magic from Croatia captain Luka Modric in the 80th minute sealed the deal for his team with a stunning strike from outside of the box. Ivan Rakitic wrapped up the win for Croatia with a sweet finish in the additional time after the stipulated ninety minutes ended. (Highlights: Argentina vs Croatia)

Argentina slowly lost the control of the match as Croatia edged closer to a big win. In the second-half, Meza of Argentina came close to finding the back of the Croatian goal but Vida blocked it effectively. Croatia has now qualified to the Round of 16 with six points while Iceland and Argentina are placed second with a point each.