VIDO BOGDANOVIĆ 'Golf Project on Srđ Will Not Be Realized, Terminal for Cruisers May Be Unnecessary'

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Olja Ljubišić
Photographer(s): Goran Mratinović
Vido Bogdanović was the mayor of Dubrovnik from 1997 to 2001. At that time, the budget was significantly ‘thinner’ than today, tourists were not around...Today, he is determined to do for the city what he couldn’t back then. With DD reporter Bogdanović shared his vision of Dubrovnik. 

Should passengers’ terminal in Gruž Port be managed by the city or this model of long-term concession is more appropriate? 

The model that is being implementing is not good. We will make the seafront and they will take the money of numerous guests that will create congestion in the city. I don’t know do we even need it. There has never been a serious cruise tourism plan in Dubrovnik to answer the question whether we want a million or two cruise passengers or not? Once we decide on that and the size of the terminal, the City must be majority shareholder.

If you become the mayor, will you allow the continuation of golf project on Srđ Mountain or that area will have some other purpose?

First we need to check the contracts to see how much it costs to abandon it. The problem is that the entire project is quite nontransparent. Evidently, it was convenient for previous city’s administration to leave it that way. I don’t accept the idea of business secrecy when one side is public authority.

Many candidates mention new sports infrastructure in their campaign. What do you think about that?

They all talk a lot about it, but I was the only one who actually did something – we put the roof over city’s indoor pool and transformed it into Olympic one. Also, we financed sports hall in Mokosica. And remember, it was the time of no money. Today, there is a lot and the pool looks terrible. Nothing has changed since then. That is why I can only laugh when they start talking about it.