LOCAL ELECTIONS One of These Candidates Will Be New Mayor of Dubrovnik

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Olja Ljubišić
Dubrovnik Daily presents 8 candidates for local elections to be held on 21 May 2017. 

On the national, level two major political parties are conservative Croatian Democratic Union and liberal Social Democratic Party but on the local level there are many competitors for top local positions.

After 8 years, former mayor Andro Vlahusic has been disenabled from the race due to new legislation impediment set by the opposition. Constitutional Court confirmed the law forbidding those guilty of a fraud to candidate for public office.

Goran Mratinović

Andro Vlahusic

Mayor opposition’s votes belong to Mato Frankovic of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ). Former chairperson of the City Council is a member of the Croatian Parliament, ex director of state-owned company for marine management ACI who started his career path in tourism industry.

Goran Mratinović

Mato Frankovic

On the other hand, Vlahusic (liberal democratic Croatian People’s Party - HNS) named his closest party associate Valentin Dujmović a candidate for mayor. Dujmovic is director of city-owned company for water and public plumbing management ‘Vodovod’, the position he took after the management of city-owned company for public places management ‘Sanitat’.

Nikša Klečak

Valentin Dujmovic

Tatjana Simac Bonacic, a candidate of Social Democratic Party (SDP) was former Mayor Deputy for Education and Social Affairs. Simac Bonacic, a dentist by profession, has a large party behind her but with little influence in Dubrovnik area. From 2011 to 2015 she was a Member of Croatian Parliament.

Julia Mačinković

Tatjana Simac Bonacic

Terezina Orlic, president of local Chamber of Commerce of Dubrovnik has been named a candidate by Pero Vican, leader of the Democratic Party of Dubrovnik.

Goran Mratinović

Terezina Orlic

Dubrovnik’s Party chairperson, Zeljko Raguz is also the party’s candidate for mayor. Raguz has been Mayor’s Deputy for public utilities. Dubrovnik’s Party is the youngest party established 2 years ago.

Goran Mratinović

Zeljko Raguz

Croatian Peasant Party named Vido Bogdanovic, formor mayor of Dubrovnik, a candidate. 


Vido Bogdanovic

The Bridge, one of the newest parties with strong influence on both national and local level supports Maro Kristic for Dubrovnik mayor candidature. Kristic is a member of Croatian Parliament and ex football judge.  

Goran Mratinović

Maro Kristic

Hrvoje Kukuljica is the candidate of the Human Shield. 

društvene mreže

Hrvoje Kukuljica