LOCAL ELECTIONS 2017 New Alliance For the City Council

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Olja Ljubišić
Photographer(s): LK/NK
Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) joins forces with Dubrovnik Democratic Party (DDS) and Dubrovnik Party (DUSTRA) to hold majority of the seats in the City Council. 

Mato Franković, candidate for the mayor of Dubrovnik and leader of the local HDZ signed Agreement on co-operation for the formation of the majority in the City Council of the City of Dubrovnik with Željko Raguž (DUSTRA) and Pero Vićan (DDS).

HDZ holds ten seats, DUSTRA three and DDS three, in total 16 out of 25 seats.

Croatian People's Party (HNS) got three, Social Democratic Party (SDP) two,  The Bridge of Independent Lists  (MOST) two, 'Srđ is Ours' one and Croatian Peasant Party one seat.