AFTER PARTY Rivals, Allies And Friends

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Olja Ljubišić
Photographer(s): Marjana Puhjera/Facebook
Three well-known Dubrovnik’s politicians Mato Franković (Croatian Democratic Union), Valentin Dujmović (Croatian People’s Party) and Željko Raguž (Dubrovnik’s Party) are seen together first time after the local elections. 

Valentin Dujmović as head of Vodovod and Željko Raguž as Deputy Mayor, worked closely within the coalition between Croatian People’s Party and Dubrovnik’s Party while Mato Franković was on the other side as the Chairman of the City Council.

All three politicians run for the mayor of Dubrovnik. After the first round Raguž, who won 9,9 per cent of the votes was left out of the race as Franković had 32,33 per cent and Dujmović 16,48 per cent of the votes.

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2017 New Alliance For the City Council

Nevertheless, Raguž found his way to be on the winner’s side by forming a coalition with Croatian Democratic Union for the strong majority in the City Council.

In the next round, Franković won 58,45 per cent of the votes and became new mayor of Dubrovnik. On the other hand, his opponent Valentin Dujmović won 36,70 per cent of the votes. 

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