AFTER LOCAL ELECTIONS First Session of The New City Council

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Olja Ljubišić
Photographer(s): Goran Mratinović
Marko Potrebica (Croatian Democratic Union) is the new Chairman of the City Council. 

The constitutive session of the City of Dubrovnik was held on Monday in the Grand Hall. All Members of the Council were present although some were changed for their party members.

Nevertheless, Marko Potrebica, who won the largest number of votes for Croatian Democratic Union after Mato Franković, the mayor, is the new Chairman of the Council.  

First joint decision of the new Council was to determine Financial Board. For the past six months Dubrovnik had no confirmed budget so all city financed projects had to be stopped. In order to Dubrovnik move on with cultural programmes and infrastructural projects, the Board will have to propose a budget and Council will vote.

Mato Franković assures the Budget will be approved by 1July.

Nada Medović, commissioner of the Republic of Croatia to Dubrovnik was released from duty.