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A GREAT TRIBUTE! These three beaches near Dubrovnik are between the most beautiful ones in Croatia according to CNN

CNN made a list of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and between these are the three from the Dubrovnik-Neretva Country.
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ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES Six bags with a total of 48 packages of marijuana drugs were transported

A man (42) and a woman (36) both Croatian citizens were brought to the Municipal State Attorney's Office in Dubrovnik with criminal charges for alleged suspicion of the commission of a criminal offense. They have been charged with an unauthorized production of drug trafficking.
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A WOMAN TRIED TO MURDER HER PARTNER They had a fight and she used a knife

Yesterday, on June 26th, around  8.30 pm, in a family home in Župa dubrovačka, 46-year-old woman during her verbal controversy, has hurt her 51-year-old  partner by cold weapons, causing severe bodily injury.

ARMED ROBBERY IN PEYTON Post office was robbed and a firearm was used to threaten

Armed robbery happened today around 9:00 am near Peyton.

THE NATIONAL DAY Dubrovnik-Neretva Country donated 12 flags to its cities and municipalities

This year The Dubrovnik-Neretva Country donated 12 flags  to its cities and municipalities in order to commemorate The National Day.
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ERDOGAN RE-ELECTED AS TURKISH PRESIDENT Is this going to affect the rest of the world?

Turkey's long-standing leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won a new five-year term after securing outright victory in the first round of a presidential poll.
in the afternoon

A huge branch collapsed on the road in Lapad (PHOTO)

Today in the afternoon a branch fell down on the road in King Tomislav Street.
In the morning

The garbage has been removed from the seafront of Lopud Island

This morning at 7 o'clock, workers of the company 'Čistoća' removed containers which stood yesterday in the center of the Island of Lopud.

MAGNIFICENT CROATIA Perfectly orchestrated team won the match against Argentina 3-0

A perfectly orchestrated Croatian side netted thrice to see off a below-par Argentina in a Group D match at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium after a spectacular first-half that remained goalless.
World Fishing Day

EVENT IN THE ADRIATIC Fishing near Dubrovnik with TV presenter Thom Hunt

After commissioning research that reveals fishing is a life skill that modern dads are no longer teaching their children, the market-leading video on demand platform for high quality fishing content, Fishing TV, is set to hold the first ever World Fishing Day on Saturday 23rd June 2018 in a bid to unite the angling community, bring new people into the sport, celebrate the joys of angling and highlight the incredible power of angling to make positive changes in the world and in people’s lives.  
One child is hospitalized

Three children infected recently, 17 cases of measles confirmed in the Dubrovnik-Neretva Country

From 25th of May until 18th of June this year, 17 cases of measles were confirmed in the Dubrovnik-Neretva Country. Three people who became infected recently are small children, two of them are the age of the kids who attend kindergartens. One child is hospitalized. 
household appliances were damaged

CONSEQUENCE OF THE STORM Lightning struck a house in Solitudo

During today's storm, lightning struck a house in Solitudo.
'Stop rising fuel prices'

PROTEST ANNOUNCED See when are the roads all over the country supposed to be blocked

Another call to protest has been launched on social networks by the initiative called 'Stop rising fuel prices' after the one which took place last Friday did not have great results when it comes to response and participation.
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