MORE MEDITERRANEAN, LESS PLASTIC Greenpeace Sends Powerful Message to Save Adriatic

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): Greenpeace Hrvatska
Rainbow Warrior III, a purpose-built motor-assisted sailing yacht owned and operated by Greenpeace arrives in Dubrovnik to warn on severe amount of plastic in the Adriatic Sea. 

Greenpeace's yacht Rainbow Warrior III sails around Lokrum Island and Dubrovnik’s Old Port with important message to show to tourists and locals 'No plastic'.

The action is coordinated within 'More Mediterranean, less plastic' campaign.

'Scientists estimate that 1455 tons of plastic already floats in the Mediterranean, with an average density of one piece per square meter, making the Mediterranean one of the most endangered seas,' campaign coordinator Mihaela Bogeljić says.

South wind often brings trash from Albanian and Montenegrin shores.

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