SUNBATHING HAS ALREADY BEGUN Tourists from The USA: ''This is the clearest water we have ever seen, definitely!''

This year, April in southern Croatia has been extremely warm. The temperature highs these days have really increased and the warmest places were Sibenik, Ploce and Dubrovnik. At some places, the highs were reaching almost 30 degrees Celsius.

Some of the sites from Dubrovnik already look as a scene which can usually be seen on a classic summer postcard.

As the local media reported, although the sea temperature is still not warm enough it didn't interrupt the tourists who like swimming to enjoy their time.

Two American women interviewed by the local television RTL said that ''It is really warm and it is beautiful being in the sun''. They also added that the sea in Dubrovnik is the clearest they have ever seen: ''This is probably the clearest water we have ever seen, definitely!''

The article is taken from: Dubrovacki Dnevnik

Translation: Ellie Leoni