STJEPAN SIMOVIĆ: How I Became International Fire Fighter Commander

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): JVP
While fire fighters are facing wildfire in Dalmatia, their colleagues from Dubrovnik fight new fires breaking out on the state border. 

We have to be careful because there is too much fires around the Dubrovnik Neretva County, said the county fire fighter, Stjepan Simovic, who joked that he became an international commander because he coordinated a large number of fire fighters who went to the territories of neighbouring states.

County Fire Fighter Commander Simović, told the DD that 15 fire fighters from Dubrovnik went to help to stop the fire in Benkovac, but were diverted for the great fire that broke in the area of ​​Duplic-Brela near Makarska. According to Simovic, fire fighters spent all night putting the flames under control. A particularly "inconvenient" fire, Simovic said, was in Montenegro heading towards Croatia.

‘We had to be very careful because there were many people waiting to cross the border so that fire was put under control last night. Then we had to help with the fire in Orašac,’ Simović said and added that fire fighters who went to help to neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina have the biggest problems.

‘It’s terrible there. I do not know where it does not burn! We went to help the Municipality of Ravno with two vehicles and fire fighters, in Neum we sent a vehicle and fire fighters as well as to Prud, which is between Metković and Ljubuški,’ Simović explained and warned about strong North wind that may cause trouble but all the fire fighters are on standby.