'RESPECT THE CITY!' A series of measures are going to be taken in order to reduce the seasonal crowds (PHOTO)

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): Grad Dubrovnik
The City of Dubrovnik continues implementing the restrictive measures and doing activities related to the project 'Respect the City' in order to prevent the crowd and reduce the pressure which is often the consequence of the numerous visitors who usually and rapidly come in large groups to the Old town.

Following the conclusion, today has been put a rope at Pile Gate which is used for regulation and separates pedestrians who go in two different directions. It has already been introduced as an urgent measure last year and it has been an efficient solution as it allows the crowd to move and flow easier.

This has been only one of the many measures planned to be introduced by the local government regarding the following season.

All of the measures have been professionally analyzed before they were decided to be implemented. It is going to be realized by including the numerous participants of the project 'Respect the City' in close collaboration and coordination with the authorities, but also with Dubrovnik Tourist Board and with the Port authorities of Dubrovnik.