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in the afternoon

Traffic accident near the place 'Šumica'

Today in the afternoon, as official authorities confirmed for Dubrovački dnevnik, happened a traffic accident near the place called 'Šumica'.
In the morning

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT A car hit the hill in Zaton Doli

This morning about 6 am there was a traffic accident near Zaton Doli.

EPIDEMIC Another measles case confirmed in the General Hospital of Dubrovnik, 14 people infected now

It has been confirmed in the General Hospital of Dubrovnik that another person is being infected, found out Dubrovački dnevnik. The mentioned local media got the information confirmed by the source very close to the General Hospital of Dubrovnik
doc trade center

ACTION IN LAPAD Firefighters intervented in Benetton (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Members of the Public Fire Department, The firefighters of Dubrovnik intervented today due to smoke at the 'DOC' trade center in Lapad.

GOOD NEWS FOR THE ELAPHITE ISLANDS Business Cooperation Agreement for the organization of the Emergency Preparedness

The Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik Mato Franković and director of the Institute for Emergency Medicine of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Luka Lulić signed today a Business Cooperation Agreement for the organization of the Emergency Preparedness Pact for Elaphite islands, i.e. for the islands of Šipan and Lopud.
Dangerous illness

MEASLES ARE SPREADING QUICKLY The number of infected people has increased to six

Director of the General Hospital of Dubrovnik, doctor Marijo Bekić confirmed that there are two patients who were received yesterday in the hospital and were diagnosed with measles. Now, the number of the people who have been infected with measles has increased to six.

MAYOR IN BIKER ROLE You cannot usually see him this way (PHOTO)

The bikers from Dubrovnik where riding their motorcycles parading from the camp Solitudo, through Brgat, till the fortress Imperial on Srđ. This manifestation took place as a part of Dubrovnik Bikers weekend. Bikers were accompanied by the mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION The Multiple Sclerosis Association collected over five thousand signatures

The Multiple sclerosis association in Dubrovnik-Neretva Country collected over five thousand signatures for the petition in order to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.
it was raining

SLIPPERY ROADS! Drivers should be careful

It was raining heavily and periodically today in the morning and in the afternoon after many days of warm, sunny weather.

'RESPECT THE CITY!' A series of measures are going to be taken in order to reduce the seasonal crowds (PHOTO)

The City of Dubrovnik continues implementing the restrictive measures and doing activities related to the project 'Respect the City' in order to prevent the crowd and reduce the pressure which is often the consequence of the numerous visitors who usually and rapidly come in large groups to the Old town.
interesting manifestation

WHAT A GREAT RACE! People were running all over Dubrovnik City Walls (PHOTO)

A very interesting race took place this morning all around Dubrovnik City Walls.

CONGRATULATIONS! They are the lucky winners of the game organized by the local supermarket 'Pemo' (PHOTO)

Hypermarket Pemo and the National trading chain better known as 'NTL' to locals, organized a prize game. The main prize of this year's Eastern lottery was a scooter under the brand name Piaggio.
summer season has started

SUNBATHING HAS ALREADY BEGUN Tourists from The USA: ''This is the clearest water we have ever seen, definitely!''

This year, April in southern Croatia has been extremely warm. The temperature highs these days have really increased and the warmest places were Sibenik, Ploce and Dubrovnik. At some places, the highs were reaching almost 30 degrees Celsius.
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