LOCAL ELECTIONS Game of City’s Throne

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): marina.hr
In two months, local elections will be held in Croatia and will determine leadership in 21 counties, 429 municipalities and 127 cities. 

In Dubrovnik, political situation is particularly unstable.  The management of the city was entrusted to Nada Medovic in January after mayor-at-the-time Andro Vlahusic’s budget didn’t get enough support in city council.

Vlahusic’s opposition is strongly against the candidature of public officers that have been declared guilty in fraud case and have initiated new law to prevent such cases. They have been accused to push the bill as only solution to keep Vlahusic off candidature. Vlahusic, on the other hand, made a complaint as the right of the citizens to choose whomever they want has been disabled as he won previous elections despite the conviction. Constitutional Court will give the final say within next 15 days.

Currently, the candidates for Dubrovnik’s mayor are:

Vido Bogdanović for HSS

Tatjana Šimac Bonačić for SDP

Mato Franković for HDZ

Maro Kristic for Most

Hrvoje Kukuljica for Živi zid

Terezina Orlić for DDS. *

*Candidates have been listed in alphabetical order.