BORDER WITH BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 30 minutes blockade to protest traffic isolation

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): DD
Activists from Neum, frustrated with the lack of the alternative roads to and from their town organizes road blockade. 

Neum is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s sea port that interrupts Croatia territory surrounded by two EU border crossings in less than 6 kilometres and one-line road that connects it with the rest of the country.

Citizens gathered in association ‘Our Neum’ decided to act as for years their problems haven’t been solved and block the only road between the borders. 

Summer traffic jams at the border crossings are already a challenge for tourists and locals so the blockage will cause even greater congestion.

Activists urge prompt solutions among which are border crossings only for locals especially needed in medical emergencies, travel to school and work.

On the other hand Croatia plans to build bridge that will connect Northern Croatian territory and Dubrovnik via Peljesac peninsula to solve the problem.  

Source: Večernji list BiH