A WOMAN TRIED TO MURDER HER PARTNER They had a fight and she used a knife

Author(s): ‎Ellie Leoni‎ Photographer(s): Dubrovački dnevnik
Yesterday, on June 26th, around  8.30 pm, in a family home in Župa dubrovačka, 46-year-old woman during her verbal controversy, has hurt her 51-year-old  partner by cold weapons, causing severe bodily injury.

They provided injured man with medical assistance at the Hospital of Dubrovnik where he was kept on treatment, and the 46-year-old was arrested and taken to the police premises in order to do a criminal investigation. After the investigation is finished, along with the criminal charge for suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of a murder she is going to be brought to the custody supervisor of the Police Administration of Dubrovnik-Neretva.

As Dubrovački dnevnik got the information from unofficial sources they were a couple and a knife was used during their fight.