DISPLAY OF ARMED FORCES 25th Anniversary of Liberation of Dubrovnik Marked this Weekend

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): Goran Mratinović
The President and the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces Kolinda Grabar Kitarović attended two-day celebration of the 25the anniversary of the military operation 'Liberate Croatia’s South'. 

Display of Croatian Armed Forces in Gruž Port, military parade throughout the city of Dubrovnik and acrobatic flights of the MIG fighter aircraft have been organized this weekend to mark 25th Anniversary of the liberation of Dubrovnik.

The program was attended by the president and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, Parliamentary Speaker Gordan Jandroković, Defense Minister Damir Krstičević, Interior Minister Davor Božinović and Defense Counsel Tomo Medved.

'According to data from the Croatian Homeland War Memorial Documentation Center, Operation “Liberate Croatia’s South” consisted of several actions and operations which began in the spring of 1992 and lasted until October of that same year. The result was the lifting of the blockade of Dubrovnik and the liberation of the until-then occupied Croatian territory in the wider region. The major contribution to these operations was made by the 1st and 4th Guard Brigades, while a vital role was played by reserve forces and tactical groups that held the line and were deployed on ancillary attack routes. Combat was conducted during inclement weather and on karst terrain that was often inaccessible and difficult to negotiate. During these operations, over 240 members of the Croatian armed forces lost their lives in the liberation of over 1,200 square kilometers or eight percent of the territory occupied in Croatia up to that point. This allowed for the return of approximately 20,000 refugees to their homes. This large-scale operation was symbolically concluded with a large military review in Gruž Harbor on October 29, 1992, when the armed forces chief of staff formally reported to the Croatian president at the time, Franjo Tuđman,' Glas Hrvatske states.