SOMETHING UNBELIEVABLE Fantastic Croatia takes silver, there are no words that can describe the celebration in Zagreb (PHOTO GALLERY)

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): DD, Alena Hadžić
The Croatian National Team returned back home. All players and their football manager landed in the capital City of Zagreb and brought silver medals from the World Cup. Never seen euphoria has been going on the whole day.

More than 500.000 people were tracking them during their journey from the airport till the main square in Zagreb. The celebration is still going on and there are really no words which can describe the situation which is going on. 

Everyone is so excited and no one can say that remembers a similar situation. People are cheering, singing while looking and listening to messages sent by the members of the National Team they were supporting during this World Cup. 

Torches are burning, everything is full of smoke and crowd, almost every person holds a flag in a hand. The euphoria looks like it is not supposed to stop. 

See the photo gallery and convince yourself what has been going on today in Zagreb.