MESSAGE TO TOURIST This Is What You Can Do To Save Money On The Road

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Olja Ljubišić
Photographer(s): Lucija Komaić
National news portal Index.hr published an important message to all visitors traveling by car to/through Croatia. 

'Dear tourists, don’t drive on our expensive highways and don’t feed our crooks. These roads are free,' Index.hr published.

'SINCE the 1st of July, driving on already overpriced Croatian highways is going to become even more expensive. Instead of becoming as cheap as possible and therefore more available to Croatian citizens and numerous tourists visiting our country, these highways have become an end in themselves. In a country such as Croatia, where tourism is the most important branch of economy, the raising of highway prices has two effects: feeding the crooks who live on taxpayers’ money and rejecting tourists who, unlike the crooks, are really contributing to the entire country,' its explained by the national web portal that found alternative routes for zero kuna.

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