BRITISH VEGAN AND ACTOR IN CROATIA Dan Richardson participating ZeGeVege festival

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): Dan Richardson/ Facebook
It's been opened the two-day festival on Josip Jelačić square in the City of Zagreb called ZeGeVege organised by the association 'Animals friends'. It is about to promote a plant-based diet and a healthy way of living. The festival has a special guest from the UK this year. His name is Dan Richardson and he is a British actor, vegan and fighter for animal rights.

Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) talked to Mr Richardson and here is what he said.

Hello Mr Richardson, you are here to promote a book 'How to become a vegan', so how you became a vegan?

I became a vegan because I do a lot of work in animal conservation and I felt it would be very hypocritical from me to be asking people to help me save some species and at the same time eating others, so it is an obvious decision for me.

So, what other kinds of activities you've planned to do while you are staying here in Zagreb?

We are here filming a documentary, that's why we've been guests during this amazing festival and thanks so much to Luka, we are making our own documentary and in that documentary we have people who are going vegan for one month, that is why this is such a relevant book, we are letting the plant-based diet help us tell the story to show people whether it is for the environment, for the animals or for their own health. We are letting the plants do the talking and show the people how powerful that diet is.