A VERY OLD VIDEO The best Croatian footballer Modrić taking care of his goats when he was a little kid

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): youtube
Laka Modrić is definitely one of the world's most popular footballers, therefore his life story made a huge interest in the media and between football fans. They all have tried to collect as many details about him and his life as it is possible, as he has already become the best football player in Croatian history. A video which was published in the Autumn last year has become viral and it shows five years old Modrić while he was shepherding goats.

The video was recorded by Pavle Balenović while this movie maker was making a movie about wolves 28 years ago on the mountain of Velebit behind the City of Zadar. At that time five-year-old kid, Luka Modrić used to live there with his parents.

You are able to watch the video on this link and you may notice Modić after two minutes of watching the recording. The author Autor Pavle Balenović described in details the recording. His comment on the video has been published by the local media Index.