IT’S OFFICIAL He is the Weatherman We Trust!

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Olja Ljubišić
Photographer(s): Daniel Pavlinović, Daniel Pavlinović / Storm Chasers Dubrovnik, Daniel Pavlinović /Storm Chasers Dubrovnik / Facebook, Daniel Pavlinović/Storm Chasers Dubrovnik, Privatne fotografije
Nobody will tell you this, but there is a big chance your weather forecast for Dubrovnik (wherever you check it) will not be correct. It changes so rapidly that the common web sites can’t keep up. Daniel Pavlinovic can. 

Daniel Pavlinovic won the regional competition held in Montenegro for best weather forecast.

During 10 weeks, 38 contestants from 4 countries had to make forecasts for 9 parameters for 3 different towns. Daniels says he won by 0,2°C.

Despite the fact that he is not a meteorologist by profession, he definitely mastered the weather forecast.

Daniel is a member of Storm Chasers Dubrovnik who witnesses the rapid changes in Dubrovnik’s micro climate.

Particular air and sea current, strong winds both from the sea and mountains, as well as diverse geographical features are the reason weather forecast for Dubrovnik, especially long-term ones, are not so reliable.

Dubrovnik daily will continue to proudly publish Daniel's forecasts.

Congrats, Daniel!