HISTORIC EVENT 'Peljesac Bridge is an architectural venture which will mark our generation' (PHOTO)

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Photographer(s): Goran Mratinović
The President of Croatian Government Andrej Plenkovic has participated the ceremony of signing the contract with Contractors and executive constructors who are going to build The Peljesac Bridge.

The Contract was signed between Contractors, the president of Croatian Road Administration Josip Skoric and the authorized representative of the consortium/community of the offerors Zhang Xiaoyuan in the presence both of the prime minister and the minister of The Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butkovic.

It predicts the construction of The Bridge which will connect Peljesac with the mainland by connecting it to the accessible roads.

The total value of works and construction is estimated to go above two billion kunas.

The Peljesac Bridge is the first of total four phases of so-called project ''Roads connecting southern Dalmatia''. The European Commission accepted co-financing the project and has allowed 357 million euros of non-refundable funds to be invested in this project. 

The article is taken from: Dubrovacki Dnevnik

Authors: Ivona Butjer and Aida Čakić

Translation into English: Ellie Leoni