OCEANS The exhibition has been opened since Friday on the Island of Lopud (PHOTO/VIDEO)

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): Ellie Leoni
Seventeen artists, whose recognizable works explore the cultural, political, sociological and biological dimensions of the ocean through multimedia installations, video works, photography and sculpture, have been presented at the exhibition on the Island of Lopud.

The recently opened exhibition marked also the much-awaited reopening of the Monastery built in 1483. named 'Our Lady of the Cave'. After a complex 18 years of reconstruction, it has been transformed into a new and vibrant cultural space for conferences, retreats, and summits.

The festive opening ceremony started on Friday at 20:00. The speech was held by the representative of the Ministry of Culture and Francesca Von Habsburg, a user of the facility who completely restored it through her foundations. The exhibition on Lopud also marked the long-awaited opening of the Monastery of Our Lady of Špilice.

The monk blessed the newly opened monastery, and throughout the event, all participants had an opportunity to have a drink at the opened area and see the exhibition organized by the Art Association TBA21-Academy.

"It took a long time for the monastery to be built, so the period of 20 years as its renewal lasted is relatively small and its significance is great," said Francesca Von Habsburg. Furthermore, she emphasized that she invited all locally-based people and organizations to organize as many events as possible during the summer months to use the purpose and potential of the monastery till its fullness. In the end she concluded that all the entrances for the local inhabitants are completely free in contrast to foreign visitors who will have to pay for a ticket to see the object and the complex of buildings inside it.