NAOMI CAMPBELL PHOTOGRAPHED NEAR LOPUD ISLAND Famous model had a long phone conversation and was upset

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): Screenshot YouTube
One of the world's most famous top models, Naomi Campbell, was spending her holidays sailing on her yacht along Croatian and Montenegrin coast. Journalists who work for the Serbian news portal 'Blic' photographed and recorded a video of her on the yacht near the Island of Lopud.

As Blic reported, Naomi had a long conversation on her mobile phone which took around 45 minutes and at a certain moment, it was very obvious that she became upset as it was visible from her body language. Furthermore, they also reported that all of the sudden she became really furious.

It is not a great surprise as this beautiful model is known for her temperamental character.

You can check and see the photos and video HERE.