LALLIE From Dunkirk to Dubrovnik, From War Ship to Brothel

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): Ivo Bratičević
History appassionato Ivo Bratičević is trying to put together pieces of astonishing journey of the ship Lallie. 

It's unfamiliar whether Christopher Nolan’s box office hit 'Dunkirk' reinitiated the quest for the ship Lallie true story, but the ship indeed did save soldiers during Second World War.

The Battle of Dunkirk was the defence and evacuation of Allied forces confronting Nazi Germany troops in Dunkirk from 26 May to 4 June 1940 during the Second World War. The boat Lallie was one of the ships that was used for the evacuation of Allied troops. 

‘I would like to trace the origin and story of 27mts motor yacht Lallie in order to write a feature about this boat which earlier this year was in Malta for a general overhaul at the Malta Super Yacht Services. The boat, build in 1908, arrived in Malta in wreck condition yet the remarkable facelift it has been given aroused my interest not only to write about the "new look" Lallie but to try trace her original and some of her exciting seafaring adventures. It is said that Lallie was one of the boats that was used for the evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk in June 1940. It is also said that for a number of years Lallie was a floating riverboat brothel in Paris. Well, like human beings boats too have their proud and less proud moments. Unfortunately I have not much information except that Lallie was built in Dartmouth, Devonshire and that she was registered in Glasgow when built, Ivo Bratičević wrote on Facebook Group about Dubrovnik’s history.

Lallie is located in the ACI Marine in Komolac, Dubrovnik.