INNOVATIONS Facebook and Instagram are going to introduce the new applications

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): Pixabay.com
Facebook is about to introduce the two new applications which will enable the users to check how long they've been logged in and how long they were logged out from the network. It is about the tool which will allow the users to schedule the reminder if they've been absent for a while, but it will not be possible to block that application

The two giant social networks, Facebook and Instagram have introduced the control panel which contains the data about the applications which were used. Furthermore, there are the tools which can limit the time spent using an application and it will also be possible to switch everything on the silent mode, everything in order to enhance good experiences of the users, as tportal.hr reported.

When they become available you will be able to see them after clicking on the menu (the three vertical lines) and then you should search below for the sentence ''Your time on Facebook''

This feature will also be visible on Instagram in the settings section on which you can be directed from your profile.

Once you open it you will find a graph giving you the information about how long you've been using a certain application during the seven days period.