HEALTHY AND COLORFUL MEDITERRANEAN DIET Discover all the benefits it offers

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): Ellie Leoni
Mediterranean diet is not kind of a modern, fast diet, it is simply a lifestyle based on a principle that its consumers consume ingredients which are available to them and beside it, they are healthy and delicious.

This type of diet is not too much restrictive and can vary from person to person, actually, it can be adjusted depending on a taste. At the same time it can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans because, in its rich spectrum of different ingredients, it offers a lot of fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes. If all of these are combined on a plate, they can satisfy the need for all crucial nutrients which are necessary for our body to be in a perfect function. On the other hand, Mediterranean diet offers a possibility of fish and meat consumption which are usually prepared in a traditional way, so the people who would never quit eating meat also can enjoy this diet.

Moderate consumption of sweet desserts like cakes and cookies are is also allowed, but the key of every healthy diet is moderation. It is true that nothing is absolutely forbidden or excluded from your plate, but nevertheless, there are some groceries which have priority in this type of diet. These are mostly ingredients which are very accessible, easy to find and grow in this area. It's also important that foods like whole grain bread, pasta and integral rice are consumed in it's natural, unprocessed form.

Many scientific studies made in the last few years have shown that it plays an important role where do we eat and what we eat daily.

For every human to be permanently healthy and in a good form, it's necessary to ensure acidic-alkaline balance in an individual's body. Our organism is naturally blandly alkaline and it tends to remain like that. One of the ways to preserve alkaline body is exactly the consumption of alkaline foods and the Mediterranean diet is rich with these. Although we need acidic ingredients in our diet for our digestion to work smoothly so that we finally can get energy from what we eat, it's also good to know that if we are permanently exposed to acidic state it affects our health in a bad way. The thing is that the acidic state of a body contributes to oxidative stress. We need to have in mind that not every ingredient which tastes acidic makes our body acidic eventually. One of the best examples, in this case, is lemon which is one of the most alkaline ingredients in nature. Beside alkaline foods, sufficient consumption of drinkable water contributes to an alkaline organism.

Fruits and vegetables contain so many vitamins and minerals which are crucial not just for detoxification of the body, but they contain molecules which act as antioxidants. In everyday metabolism, while our cells are producing the energy from the basic sugar glucose, in the process called oxidative phosphorylation, it happens that byproduct of it are free radicals. These are the molecules which contain unpaired electrons. A healthy body responds with its immune system which eventually neutralizes these molecules, but if it's exposed to oxidative stress for a long period of time, the weakest link or better said the weakest organ will stop working normally. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants and because of that important characteristic, they defend us from free radicals.

Fruits supply our body not only with vitamins and minerals but also with sugars which usually give a special feeling of satisfaction in moth while eating them. The reason might be the fact that the sugar glucose is the basic energy source for the entire body and especially for the brain. Nevertheless, not all types of sugar are the same and these we can find in fruits come perfectly balanced together with dietary fibres which remove bad substances from our bowels and enzymes which improve our digestion.

To experience even more delicious taste, there are healthy types of fats and if you consume them moderately you won't put unwanted weight, but nay your entire body will benefit from them. Olive oil, fish and mostly linseed oil are full of omega-3 fatty acids which are used in the prevention of many diseases of today.

The colour of every single plant-based food, so-called plant pigment has its function. The most optimal would be to consume as many as possible of colourful foods with enough water, so that way we supply our body with all necessary nutrients so that it can remain in perfect function. How can we know when we should really stop eating? We are not talking here about scientific examinations and investigations, so the best thing would be to say that every single individual is unique when it comes to the necessity of food consumption, likewise, we are all unique on all of the others life fields. Our body tells us what are its needs for a certain food and not every person has the same deficit of a single macronutrient or micronutrient or microelement.

There is not a lack of foodstuff which Dubrovnik's area can offer all lovers and supporters of a healthy diet. If we add the fact that most of the groceries which come from local producers are cultivated in a natural way, we may come to the conclusion that it also contributes to the quality of the dishes prepared in this area.

People often think that healthy dishes don't taste good. An important role here also has the way we prepare certain foods. Although we are not supposed to discuss the tastes, it's necessary to point up that with its diversity of foodstuff Mediterranean area has something to satisfy every taste.

While planning vacations, tourists mostly decide to visit a certain place because of the following two reasons. The first one is to relax and the second one is because of the curiosity and desirability to meet different cultures, traditions and natural beauties. Beside many other things which make Dubrovnik special, we might say that the Mediterranean diet has become a characteristic of this city. It's not only about taste satisfaction, but this kind of diet also offers a rest from heavy and processed food which burdens the entire organism. It gives you a possibility to meet a completely different tradition and gastronomic culture which today especially on the furthermost west has become obviously different. We can conclude that all of this can find a perfect place as a part of the goals and expectations which are set by any tourist after he decides to visit a certain place.