FAMOUS ART ON MAP This Painter Represents Croatia

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): Reddit
R/mapporn is Holy Grail for map lovers. New one caught attention of Culture Trip as each country is represented by its most famous painting. Not everyone agrees though.  

Roman woman playing a lute by Vjekoslav Karas is chosen as famous art work from Croatia. Karas (19 May 1821 – 5 July 1858), a painter from Karlovac considered ‘a pioneer of a new era of Croatian painting and art in general’.

Goran Vranić

If we should choose one that symbolizes Dubrovnik area, that would, without a doubt, be Vlaho Bukovac the founder and chief representative of Croatian modern art. His house in Cavtat is open to public.

Check some of his art work on Pinterest