EVERYONE IS GOOGLING CROATIA The New York Times published a beautiful photo of Dubrovnik

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): New Your Times/ Instagram
The New York Times, one of the world's most respectable newspapers published on its Instagram profile a series of photos led by the photo of the old Town in Dubrovnik captured by photographer Zoran Marinović.

A series of four pictures led by a photograph of Dubrovnik, the one showing a huge mass in the Old Town, gathered around the Orlando Column in front of the  St. Blais church published the New York Times today and there is no better evidence and clearer confirmation that Croatia has achieved a world admired success.

Apart from the photograph of Dubrovnik published by this prominent world media, there is also the text where the City is mentioned. This is what was exactly written in The New York Times on its official Instagram page, and we quote their text verbatim.

They described and explained the atmosphere which was present in the captured parts of the cities.

They filled the Old Town in Dubrovnik and Vieux port in Marseille. They gathered beneath the giant screens in London and packed out bars in Brussels. From early Tuesday morning until late Wednesday night, Belgium and France, England and Croatia came almost to standstill, nervously anticipating the world cup semifinals. The FIFA world cups' impact stretches far beyond the borders of its host. For those countries that reach its latter stages, it becomes something that happens at home, a national fixation. On Tuesday night for France and Belgium and Wednesday for England and Croatia, whole cities ground to a halt. Millions at home and in public, were glued to TVs and giant screens. We sent four photographers out to capture the anticipation.