EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME A splendid night on the Island of Lopud (PHOTO/VIDEO)

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‎Ellie Leoni‎
Photographer(s): Ellie Leoni
A nice manifestation took place last night on the Island of Lopud.

Everything started with volleyball which was played on the local beach under the lights of reflectors. The stage was ready for the manifestation to begin and was waiting for the band to come. The crowd started gathering to find out what the manifestation is about. Very soon began a performance of the band named 'Dreamers Band' under the tree in the center of the Island.

They sang many songs, beginning with local ones in Croatian language till the songs in English and other languages. Good atmosphere led to a great impression that everyone who encountered there got. Many people were dancing, locals together with tourists. How everything looked like, you can see in the photo gallery and in the videos recorded by Dubrovnik Daily.