DANIEL CRAIG ARRIVES IN JANUARY 2018 After Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Now James Bond, Dubrovnik Has Become One of the Most Emerging Film Destinations

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): Screenshot YouTUbe
Daniel Craig will be shooting 25th film on Agent 007  in Dubrovnik in the beginning of 2018, source close to production confirm.  

Daniel Craig will be shooting 25th film on Agent 007 in Dubrovnik in the beginning of 2018, source close to production confirm.  

It is still unknown whether the new James Bond film will be shot in other locations in Croatia apart from Dubrovnik, as the negotiations are still ongoing.

For the past few years Croatia, or, to be more specific, Dalmatia, has often been chosen as filming location.

This small country on the Adriatic Sea has diverse scenery including over a hundred islands, crystal clear waters, high mountain ranges, valleys, as well as a preserved medieval towns which attracts foreign productions.

More importantly, Croatian Audiovisual Centre gives 20 per cent incentives which means that for every million invested, 200 thousand will be reimbursted.

‘Robin Hood: Origins’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Game of Thrones’ were filmed in Dubrovnik and the 'Mamma Mia' sequel will be soon filmed on Vis Island. The Institute of Economics Zagreb announced in July that a profit of over 130 million Euros was made on ‘Game of Thrones’ tours alone.

In addition, between 40 and 60 million kunas were spent in Dubrovnik during the three-week production period of ‘Robin Hood’.

Apart from filling up the budget, Dubrovnik and Croatia will greatly benefit from the promotion resulting from film franchise such as James Bond. Ex-director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre assured one cannot put a price on that.

‘If we take the last James Bond film ‘Spectre’ that had 300-million-dollar budget, than one day of shooting in Dubrovnik should cost between 4 and 6 million kuna,’ Hribar says.

‘We are quite ‘cheep’ with 20 per cent considering that Slovenia gives away 25 per cent, Netherlands 35 per cent. We decided to return less as we have other qualities – better locations and great film professionals. The Greeks don’t have that incentive and that is the reason ‘Mamma Mia’ is being filmed in Croatia instead,’ Hribar explains to Jutarnji list.

Speaking of money, David Craig accepted to return for ‘his fifth stint in the series despite declaring he would rather slash (his) wrist than play the secret agent again’ and stated ‘if he did another Bond movie it would be only for the money’. 

Real James Bond Lived in Dubrovnik

Dusko Popov spends his childhood in Dubrovnik. Later on, he becomes the triple agent with bags full of money, great spy skills, and famous girlfriends. Sounds familiar?

It was just another night of tension, smoke, and gambling in Lisbon, the spy capital of WW2 when Ian Fleming saw Mr. Popov. In the company of ladies in smuggled shiny dresses, spirits and money, he was winning easily. Some Lithuanian hot shot was bragging with unlimited stakes. Popov got tired of it, took out his bag of money and slammed it over the table. In shock, the Lithuanian retired without protest.

Almost ten years later, Fleming couldn't forget the fierce but cool foreign spy so he recreated the scene in his opening novel about James Bond - Casino Royale.  And how could he - the guy was nothing like the conventional German, British or Soviet spies. He loved the action, luxurious lifestyle, and beautiful women. We can't confirm if he enjoyed the dry martini too.

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