AUSTRALIAN NEWS: 'Forget About Greek Islands or Vietnam, Croatia is the Place to be This Season'

Author(s): Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): Goran Mratinović
Aussie investigates why everyone on Instagram is suddenly travelling to Croatia and recommends Dubrovnik for those who would like to pretend they are the mother of Dragons at King's Landing. 

An Australian reporter Danielle Colley reveals eight reasons why to visit Croatia and Dubrovnik.

'You had me at hello and wooed me with ćevapčići (skinless sausage). Whether it’s BBQ tuna steaks or the chunky octopus tentacles you desire Croatia does BBQ to rival an Aussie backyard,' Colley admits food it the number one.

Also, Colley says Croatians are more laid back than Aussies and even have a word for it; Fjaka described as ' sublime state of mind and body to which all humanity aspires' that makes time irrelevant.

Moreover, Colley points there is nothing deadly to sting, poison or eat men in the water, it's acceptable to wear crocs, have homemade liquor after dinner, has a rich history and it's 'cheap as chips'.

'Game of Thrones fans are swarming to Dubrovnik, where they can explore the old town which was recently made famous by the epic television series. Whether you want to explore the ancient underground cavern where Daenerys housed her pet dragons, the city walls of Kings Landing, or do a nudie walk on Cersei Lannister’s stairs of “shame, shame, shame,” Dubrovnik is a must for die hard fans,' Colley writes why GOT fans shouldn't skip Adriatic Pearl. 

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