DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER 'We Have Changed Entire Scenes Just to Show More of Dubrovnik'

Author(s):Olja Ljubišić Photographer(s): Ivona Butjer, Lucija Komaić

Dubrovnik Daily found out more about the film from Hollywood veteran producer E.Bennett Walsh and director Otto Bathurst. 

Filming in studio is rarely that much fun as when your set is on one of the most beautiful location on Earth – Dubrovnik.

Luckily for Lionsgate’s new ‘Robin Hood: The Origins’ cast, producers Leonardo DiCaprio and E.Bennet Walsh made entire Nottingham right in the heart of 16 century walled city of Dubrovnik.

Zazzy & Griffty Merry Men

 ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Jamie Dornan, Hollywood's superstar Jamie Foxx and multi talented Tim Minchin will walk down white stone paved streets of Adriatic Pearl as a Merry Men of Robin Hood played by young and uprising Taron Egerton.   

Director Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders) and executive producer E.Bennet Walsh (Kill Bill 1 & 2) along with Croatian Ministers of Culture Nina Obuljen and Tourism Gari Cappelli attended the press conference held in Hotel Argentina (Adriatic Luxury Hotels) with a spectacular view on Robin Hood's set. 

They haven't revealed how much money the film costs, but they did say there is a chance Leonardo DiCaprio (producer) will joint the crew as he rarely misses locations like Dubrovnik. 

‘To be honest, when this film was first offered to me, I turn it down immediately. The world doesn't need another Robin Hood film, we had enough. But when started to look into it and investigate this man and legend, the story seemed more relevant today than has ever been. For me, making film is about reflecting what's going on at the moment, to bring back something to humanity, to society. So there is a purpose to the film rather than being pure entertainment,’ director emphasized. 

-OTTO BATHURST ‘My Robin Hood Will be Something You’ve Never Seen Before’

‘I tend to take a lot of challenges, especially by doing Kill Bill 1 and 2 in China, it as a first big production there. I guess I see if the country is ready and because of the success of Game of Thrones and Star Wars I know we can go a little bit further with construction in Stradun and on the docks). When we incorporate it into the city of Dubrovnik, it's going to be fantastic,’ producer Walsh explained why he chooses Dubrovnik as a main filming location. 

-E.BENNETT WALSH 'After GoT and Star Wars I Knew Dubrovnik was Ready for Blockbuster Production'

Academy Award actor Jamie Foxx landed yesterday in Dubrovnik Airport from the studio in Budapest where the rest of the film is shoot but he didn't attend teh press conference just like sexy Irishmen Jamie Dornan (playing Robin Hood’s half-brother, Will Scarlett) or Taron Egerton. 

Shooting starts on Monday

Shooting in Dubrovnik will start on Monday, 20 February 2017 at Stradun Street, Dubrovnik’s Old Port and other attractive locations. Locals living in the Old Town, on the other hand, will have to close their window curtains in order not to entwine with medieval look.  Changed transit solutions will also come into force.

Love story

Let’s add that Marian will be portrayed by U2 lead singer Bono's daughter Eve Hewson (‘Bridge of Spies’).

After Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn, Kevin Costner and Mary E. Mostrantonio and latest Russel Crow and Cate Blanchet is everything but easy to portrait Robin and Marian.

Release date

We are eager to see their chemistry on the silver screen in 23 March 2018 when the film hits theatres. Robin Hood will own all the Imax screens on its release date. 

You can watch the press conference here