MUST-ATTEND SHOW Free Concert At Orsula Park

Author(s):Olja Ljubišić

Indian musician Dhroeh Nankoe will perform with his ensemble on a Saturday night at Orsula Festival for free, as a present to all the festival fans, organizers say. 

Dhroeh Nankoe is an Indian singer and composer, as classical and light classical music concerns, the first student in Europe to graduate on Indian singing and Indian music at the Conservatory of Rotterdam.

Apart from being a singer and composer, Nankoe is also a multi-instrumentalist: as a child he learned to play many instruments, such as: harmonium, tabla, dhol (percussion instrument), mandoline, bul bul tarang (string instrument), naal (percussion instrument) and accordeon.

Nankoe already performed for audience in Dubrovnik during Treće uho festival in Lazareti.

Also, the organizers confirm every year one concert will have a free entrance as a sign of appreciation to all fans that supported the project during the previous years.