JAMIE FOXX ‘Texas - Croatia. Don’t tell me you can’t do it, man.’

Author(s):Olja Ljubišić

Academy Award Winner, Jamie Fox is shooting new Robin Hood film in Dubrovnik where he enjoys champagne by the ocean and ‘It’s crazy!’. 

Over 33,000 fans in just one hour watched Jamie’s new Instagram video filmed in Villa Sheherezade Dubrovnik (Adriatic Luxury Hotels) overviewing Lokrum Island.

‘I'm in Croatia is crazy. I'm gonna tell you right now: for a young boy from Terrell this blows my mind. Just a little bit. I've seen a lot of shit but this right here...’ Foxx said.

‘I' all the way from Terrell, Texas don't tell me your dreams can't come true, man. I'm telling you man, your dreams can come true,’ he gets motivational.

Being a comedian, he used the opportunity to describe the situation in his own words: ‘Oh! And then they put some champagne down here. I'm telling you right now. All the way from Terrell, Texas don't tell me you can't what you can do man. And it got me a castle. A castle. They even talk different and they even got me talk different. They walk in with ‘Hello’, and I say ‘Hello’. ‘How are you doing?’ I'm gonna wash my nuts and have some champagne. Sit by the ocean. Crazy. Terrell, Texas. Croatia man. Don’t tell me you can’t do it. Peace.’

Check the video here