HOLLYWOOD ACTOR Goran Višnjić Shares Old Pics From Dubrovnik

Author(s):Olja Ljubišić

Goran Višnjić was the youngest actor to portray Shakespeare's Hamlet at Dubrovnik Summer Festival for 6 years in a roll. 

Hollywood actor Goran Višnjić shared on social network old photos from Dubrovnik caught after premiere of theatre play Hamlet at Dubrovnik Summer Festival. On the photo, Višnjić is accompanied by Josip Kučan, Saša Buneta and Tarik Filipović.

'Omg... look at these kids... Taken after the premiere of Hamlet in Dubrovnik, long, long time ago... From left... Josip Kučan, myself, Saša Buneta and Tarik Filipović... we were young and crazy...Btw, photo credit? I have no idea. Whoever it was thank you! And thanks Tarik for forwarding this to me!' Višnjić wrote on his Instagram.

From 1993 to 2000 Višnjić portrayed Hamlet at Dubrovnik Summer Festival. International audience is familiar with his role of Luka Kovac in ER, substituting George Clooney as the lead doctor of the TV show.  

Goran Višnjić/društvene mreže