BUSINESS Another Blockbuster To Be Filmed in Dubrovnik

Author(s):Olja Ljubišić

Negotiations to film James Bond in Croatia are in final stage according to former Mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic. 

For DDTV Vlahusic emphasized that the plan to make Dubrovnik one of Europe’s and world’s greatest open air film studio is in motion with ‘Robin Hood: Origins’, 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', 'Game of Thrones', being filmed in Dubrovnik.

Foreign media also report on new 007: The Next Bond Movie Might Start Filming In Croatia This Year - From Dubrovnik with love.

The story of Dusko Popov?

Dusko Popov spends his childhood in Dubrovnik. Later on, he becomes the triple agent with bags full of money, great spy skills, and famous girlfriends. Sounds familiar? 

'It was just another night of tension, smoke, and gambling in Lisbon, the spy capital of WW2 when Ian Fleming saw Mr. Popov. In the company of ladies in smuggled shiny dresses, spirits and money, he was winning easily.

Some Lithuanian hot shot was bragging with unlimited stakes. Popov got tired of it, took out his bag of money and slammed it over the table. In shock, the Lithuanian retired without protest.'

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