OLD TOWN This is How Much One Square Meter at Pile Cost

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Olja Ljubišić
Photographer(s): A.Č.
 The price of one square meter at Pile, area right next to the gates of the Old Town, increased by 166 percent from the last year. 

The area around busiest city gates of the Old Town is crowded with tour operators offering kayak, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, historic and other tours.

On a public auction organized by the City of Dubrovnik they bid for 50 x 50 x 120 centimetre stands and specific location.

Initial bid price was 80.000 kuna for one square meter (one stand) for one year whereas last year it was 30.000 kuna. Nevertheless, some of them paid over 400.000 kuna.

Kayaking business is flourishing with over 40.000 tourists that pass through Pile. Unofficial source reveal daily earnings are over 70.000 kuna.

Mayor Mato Franković announced on last City Council session to lower the number of boots for 80 percent.

What the price of square meter will be then wasn’t mentioned by the mayor.