MORE THAN ONE MILLION KUNAS INVESTED The works in Solitudo have been progressing (PHOTO)

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Photographer(s): Grad Dubrovnik
The works which started two weeks ago have been progressing. The final goal is to settle there a new playground for kids to play. Outdoor fitness is planned to be settled there as well.

Ferroconcrete works which include building the base, supporting walls and fence walls too are also progressing quickly.

The works which are planned to begin soon are supposed to build a new basketball playground, a new outdoor gym and make a new terrain for playing.

Already existing playgrounds are going to be reconstructed and enriched with the new playing equipment: carousels, trampolines and with one toboggan.

Over the playground will be set a stand with benches. The investment worth goes over one million kunas, more precisely said 1,1 million kunas (VAT tax included). This amount also covers purchasing all the necessary equipment which is later going to be used for sports activities and for kids to play.

The combination of everything that has been mentioned is going to enable Solitudo to get a new, integral public area and a green zone which is supposed to be there for every generation to use.