FULL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Three Agencies Join Forces To Combat Dubrovnik’s Greatest Challenge

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Olja Ljubišić
Photographer(s): Goran Mratinović
From now on, Direct Booker, Dominium Travel and Adatto will offer full service to Dubrovnik's renters. 

For many people in Dubrovnik renting room or apartment to tourists is the main source of income.

Direct Booker has been managing properties for many of them ensuring the best occupancy and promotion. On the other hand, Adatto offered cleaning and check-in services. Dominium Travel provided them with booking and cleaning services without the marketing part.

Therefore, three Dubrovnik-based agencies joined forces to provide all-in-one service to their clients: Direct Booker signed a partnership agreement with Dominium Travel who merged with Adatto into new brand Dominatto.

According to the owners, Direct Booker will be in charge of marketing and sales and Dominatto of full property management.

The idea of the best service to the renters as well as the guests was presented by Nino Dubretić and Nikola Grubelić (Direct Booker), Slavica Grkeš (Dominium Travel) and Denis Dilberović and Leo Mrkić (Adatto) during a press conference.

One of the reasons for the merger is lack of workforce in Dubrovnik area. The high demands in tourism increases the need for workers, both national and foreign. At the moment, Government is engaged in political discussion on workforce management. The issue is especially challenging in tourist destinations such as Dubrovnik due to lack of accommodation (and its prices), high cost of life and poor working conditions.

Direct Booker and Dominatto now employ over 150 persons, half of which are employed throughout the year, and hope to increase the number. The need for IT specialists, cleaning personnel, people with language skills, etc. will only augment partners say.

New business partners hope the local authorities will recognize the new service and support it as has the opportunity to be the national leader in property management.