BRITISH VEGAN AND ACTOR IN CROATIA Dan Richardson participating ZeGeVege festival

It's been opened the two-day festival on Josip Jelačić square in the City of Zagreb called ZeGeVege organised by the association 'Animals friends'. It is about to promote a plant-based diet and a healthy way of living. The festival has a special guest from the UK this year. His name is Dan Richardson and he is a British actor, vegan and fighter for animal rights.

A GREAT TRIBUTE! These three beaches near Dubrovnik are between the most beautiful ones in Croatia according to CNN

CNN made a list of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and between these are the three from the Dubrovnik-Neretva Country.

NAOMI CAMPBELL PHOTOGRAPHED NEAR LOPUD ISLAND Famous model had a long phone conversation and was upset

One of the world's most famous top models, Naomi Campbell, was spending her holidays sailing on her yacht along Croatian and Montenegrin coast. Journalists who work for the Serbian news portal 'Blic' photographed and recorded a video of her on the yacht near the Island of Lopud.
'Lopud summer'

A FANTASTIC SHOW The girls from The Dancing Studio Lazareti really made last night on the Island of Lopud (PHOTO/VIDEO)

A beautiful dancing performance took place last night on the Island of Lopud. This was another 'Lopud Evening' as a part of the manifestations called 'Lopud Summer'. The girls from The Dancing Studio Lazareti really made last evening to everyone who had the opportunity to watch their show.

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MORANA DEPOLI 'Dubrovnik is a Great Place for Developing Creative Businesses’

A black and brown asymmetrical ¾ long-sleeve shirt was the first thing I bought from Morana back in 2011 and I wore it many times before one too many high temperature washes got the best of it. It was unique and handmade, just like the pottery she creates today. It was a true pleasure to listen to her story about her beginning, business, challenges, life in Dubrovnik and more. 

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