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SOMETHING UNBELIEVABLE Fantastic Croatia takes silver, there are no words that can describe the celebration in Zagreb (PHOTO GALLERY)

The Croatian National Team returned back home. All players and their football manager landed in the capital City of Zagreb and brought silver medals from the World Cup. Never seen euphoria has been going on the whole day.

WHAT A MAGNIFICENT SIGHT! This gorgeous rainbow appeared above the City of Dubrovnik (PHOTO/VIDEO)

During today's late afternoon hours, everyone who encountered in Dubrovnik had a very unique opportunity to witness a beautiful, unrepeatable sight, a gift of nature.
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INNOVATIONS Facebook and Instagram are going to introduce the new applications

Facebook is about to introduce the two new applications which will enable the users to check how long they've been logged in and how long they were logged out from the network. It is about the tool which will allow the users to schedule the reminder if they've been absent for a while, but it will not be possible to block that application
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INSTAGRAM CONFIRMED 'Users will no long be able to see if someone has screenshotted their Story'

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Instagram confirmed that users will no long be able to see if someone has screenshotted their Story

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MORANA DEPOLI 'Dubrovnik is a Great Place for Developing Creative Businesses’

A black and brown asymmetrical ¾ long-sleeve shirt was the first thing I bought from Morana back in 2011 and I wore it many times before one too many high temperature washes got the best of it. It was unique and handmade, just like the pottery she creates today. It was a true pleasure to listen to her story about her beginning, business, challenges, life in Dubrovnik and more.