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FIRE Ivila Kalauz Dies From Severe Injuries

After losing home to a fire, family Kalauze lost 82 year old Ivila. Devastating tragedy has surprised Durbovnik’s residents. 

CRUISES 3 Million Euros Goes to Kotor

Looking for the alternative to strict EU regulations, companies operating cruise travels turned to Montenegro and Albania. 

FIRE Family Home Burned Down in Centre of Dubrovnik

'Today it's my birthday. It's really happy, we were left without anything,' Cvjetko Kalauz stated in front of his burnt home.  
Anti-Bullying Day

SCHOOLS Everyone is Wearing Pink

Teachers, students and all staff of Dubrovnik's schools also stood against bullying. 

ANNOUNCEMENT Biking Race in Konavle

Biking Club Konavle organizes a race for everyone 10+ on Sunday, 26 February. 

ROGER BOSKOVICH Italians Honour Dubrovnik’s Great Mind

The statue of Roger Joseph Boscovich, one of the greatest Croatian scientists, originally from Dubrovnik, was revealed in Indro Montanelli Park in Milan. 

HAJDUK 106 Birthday of Beloved Football Club

Despite the fact that it hasn’t won the national championship for years, people of Dalmatia wouldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate 106 birthday of HNK Hajduk Split. 

BEST OF Weddings and Babies in Dubrovnik

Could you guess the most popular baby names? 

IT’S OFFICIAL He is the Weatherman We Trust!

Nobody will tell you this, but there is a big chance your weather forecast for Dubrovnik (wherever you check it) will not be correct. It changes so rapidly that the common web sites can’t keep up. Daniel Pavlinovic can. 

MONTE First Croatian Restaurant with Michelin Star

Ten restaurants in Dubrovnik got Michelin's Recommendation. Check which ones. 

EXCITING EXPERIENCE 9 Year Old in Real Madrid’s Camp

Roko Simunovic: ‘It was an honour to play with them. My dream came true!’

Government Names Commissioner for Dubrovnik

On today’s Government’s meeting, the management of the City of Dubrovnik was entrusted to Nada Medovic. Until the spring elections , she will run the city as the function of the Mayor and City Council have been suspended. 

CAPITAL Zagreb Has First Gluten Free Restaurant

Gluten sensitive persons now can enjoy delicious meals and be sure what they eat. 
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