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REVOLTED DRIVER: 'Our Guests are Late for Their Flights Because of Queues at Border Crossings!'

Driver from Dubrovnik wrote an open letter stating border crossing at Vitaljina is closed because Internet is not working and at it takes up to 7 hours to cross the border at Karasovići. 

PIRATS OF NERETVA RIVER 20th Anniversary of Traditional Boat Race

An annual traditional rowing competition gathered many at riverbanks of Neretva on Saturday 12 August 2017. 

BORDER WITH BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 30 minutes blockade to protest traffic isolation

Activists from Neum, frustrated with the lack of the alternative roads to and from their town organizes road blockade. 

SUMMER VACATION Private Accommodation Providers United For a Good Cause

Children with disabilities will have the opportunity to spend their holidays at the seaside and enjoy therapeutic benefits of Adriatic Sea free of charge. 

ACCIDENT Dubrovnik Remembers Ron Brown

Former US trade minister and 34 passengers died in the military airplane crash in Velji Do, Konavle on 3 April 1996. 21 years later, in memorial house Ronald Brown, Dubrovnik’s officials and other gathered to pay their respect. 

LOCAL ELECTIONS Game of City’s Throne

In two months, local elections will be held in Croatia and will determine leadership in 21 counties, 429 municipalities and 127 cities. 

PICTURE GALLERY Nature is Waking Up

Just living is not enough...one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flowe. – Hans Christian Andersen  

VIDEO The Perfect Place For An Island Getaway

Lokrum Island, located 15 minute boat ride from Dubrovnik’s Old Port, has the beach, botanical garden, fortress, restaurant and it's open April till November.  

KONAVLE 100 Women On The Top

Traditional International Women’s Day hike  is set for Saturday, 11 March. From the top, St. Elijah peak  you can see Konale valley and Adriatic Sea and sometimes, on a sunny day, even as far as Italy. 

POLICE Marijuana Floats Around Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik's Police Department and citizens have found 267 kg of marijuana floating in plastic packages. 

FIRE Ivila Kalauz Dies From Severe Injuries

After losing home to a fire, family Kalauze lost 82 year old Ivila. Devastating tragedy has surprised Durbovnik’s residents. 

FIRE Family Home Burned Down in Centre of Dubrovnik

'Today it's my birthday. It's really happy, we were left without anything,' Cvjetko Kalauz stated in front of his burnt home.  
Anti-Bullying Day

SCHOOLS Everyone is Wearing Pink

Teachers, students and all staff of Dubrovnik's schools also stood against bullying. 
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