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DUBROVNIK MUSICAL SPRING Classical Notes for the Soul

Dubrovnik Musical Spring is a new musical event in the city launched by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. Cycle of classical music concerts will take place at Franciscan Church, fort Revelin and Dubrovnik Cathedral from 18 April to 28 April 2017. 

EASTER IN PRIMORJE Event for All Generations

‘Easter in Primorje’ is a religious celebration open to public and everyone interested in traditional costumes and dances of the area. 

EXIBITION Art Colony Inspired by Lokrum Island

Benedictine monastery on Lokrum hosts exhibition of 30 works created during one-day art colony held on the Island in October 2016 by 25 painters. 

RECIPE Creative Way to Decorate Easter Eggs

Colouring the eggs with natural ingredients and decorating it with beeswax is favourite Easter activity in Dubrovnik area. Dubrovnik Daily got the tips and tricks from Romana Zglav, very active member of Konavle community. 

BLOG Expat's Tips on How To Act Like a Local

Malina Bivicic explains has 7 advices on Dalmatian customs and lifestyle. 

GAME OF THRONES Cast Like You've Never Seen Before

Check how your favourite Game of Thrones actors looked (long) before the show. 

CATASTROPHE Hardest Hit On Dubrovnik Independence

On this day, 6 April 1667, the dust rose over the city and darkened the sky around 8 o’clock in the morning causing the greatest natural catastrophe in Dubrovnik’s history. The Great Earthquake, as it was called, destroyed Dubrovnik completely and took 3 thousand people’s lives. 
Spring on a plate

DUBROVNIK TOURIST BOARD Asparagus Days in Dubrovnik restaurants

The beginning of April, the weekend of the 7th to the 9th, is reserved for gastro days in Dubrovnik restaurants dedicated to asparagus. This wild, edible plant that is harvested in early spring, is very nutritious and healthy, and at the same time delicate and aromatic. In gastronomy, asparagus is a favourite plant that goes well with different foods like eggs, meat, fish, rice, pancetta or pasta.

STYLE AND SMILE Catwalk For The Old Town

Dubrovnik doesn't have a fashion week or designer's district like New York, Paris, London, or Milan, but women do have their own runway – Stradun Street in the Old Town.  

SPRING IS HERE Perfect Spring Day On Banje Beach

Dubrovnik is very popular spring and summer destination also because there are plenty beaches around the Old Town or walking distance from its landmark City Walls. 

JAPANESE CUISINE 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Sushi

Fast food or fine dining type of dinner? Sometimes, you simply don’t have to choose. Sushi is perfect for both. There are several restaurants in Dubrovnik where you can try these Japanese specialties. Also, don’t miss Mediterranean-Japanese fusion of Takenoko restaurant. 

LET IT BEER Belgium's best at Stradun

Wednesday is reserved for pub's night and some of the finest Belgian beers that will be presented within Francophony Holiday. 

BALLOON SHOP Best Ideas For Your Birthday in Dubrovnik

Coming to Dubrovnik for your birthday, engagement party and wedding or simply to have a good time? Store in Mercante centre has perfect party supplies. 
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