Učitaje prijašnje vijesti

WAR PHOTOGRAPHER 'Both Iraqi and ISIL Soldiers Have Croatian Arms’

Zoran Marinovic, a documentary and war photographer from Dubrovnik, gives a lecture on his experience in Iraq. in Foto Club Marin Getaldic Dubrovnik. 

FRANK ABOUT CROATIA Must-try Dalmatian Dishes

'Traditional Croatian food have some similarity with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish food. Yet, Croatian dishes have their own distinct interpretation, and taste,' says Frank G., a four-time expatriate Canadian currently living in Croatia. Together with his girlfriend, he blogs about Croatia at Frank About Croatia.

COLUMN Top 4 Indigenous Varieties You Must Try

Why? Because the chance is big that you might try it only here. Your counassier path might has crossed a Plavac Mali, but did you ever try a Grk? Are you wondering what Posip tastes like and is Malvasija Dubrovacka just a tongue breaker? Then read on.

CROATIAN LANGUAGE 5 Things You Always Wanted to Know

International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is a worldwide annual observance held on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

DISCOVERY Want to Know Where Uhljebistan is?

Paul Bradbury (Total Croatia News) explains the discovery of 'State within the State of Croatia' with 'large and inefficient bureaucracy'. 

ÁDIO The Story of Hellos and Goodbyes

I couldn't stop thinking about that 'adio'. It is an expression widely used in costal Croatia. You can hear 'ciao' and 'adio' quite often. In general, without my basic Italian I wouldn't be able to fully understand my countryman in Dalmatia.  
Photo of the day

Song of Fire and Ice

New Year’s Eve of 1995

Party that was Never Forgotten

Two enthusiasts, radio hosts Slobodan Vlašić and Gordan Prišlić, decided to organize the first celebration of the New Year in Stradun, the main street of the Old Town, that was never been done before.  Back in the day, the war (Croatian War of Independence) and the terrible devastation of Dubrovnik and its people were over but peace hasn’t come jet. Nevertheless, people stood up to fear and were determined to celebrate despite everything. BBC and CCN reported on this inspiring story. 
Traditional Instrument

The Beat of Lijerica

A small pear-shaped, three-stringed instrument played with a bow is the sun around which all the dancers gravitate. If you come any closer, your feet will take you too. That’s lijerica.
James Bond

The Spy Who Loved Dubrovnik

Dusko Popov spends his childhood in Dubrovnik. Later on, he becomes the triple agent with bags full of money, great spy skills, and famous girlfriends. Sounds familiar?

Archaeological Sensation Under the Cathedral

It was an absolute sensation the day when the archaeologists, during the renovation of Dubrovnik cathedral, “scratched” beneath the surface and discovered a monumental building which refuted the theory how Dubrovnik was founded.